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Mann Software Development Team

/ Mann Software Development Team is a collaborative venture of software engineers in the biotech space. The logo helped to unify the group under the banner of the founder’s name with the promise of smart thinking, smart solutions.

brand identity design agency
corporate logo designers
corporate logo designers

What we did:

Business stationery

Essence / Global leadership

Ampere Computing

ampere logo design agency

Essence / Synergy


Essence / Human


LG logo example

Essence / Secure


coresite logo
coresite logo example

Essence / Smart

Mann Software Development Team

mann logo
mann logo example

Essence / Growth

Asset Management Ventures

Asset Management Ventures
Asset Management Ventures logo exampel

Essence / Force Courage Adventure

Fulagai Capital

fulagai logo
fulagai logo example

Essence / Cohesion

EPIC–Edgewood Partners Insurance Center

epic graphic design system
epic graphic design system

Essence / Consistency


ucsf partnership
ucsf partnership example

Essence / Rising

University of Phoenix

university of phoenix logo
university of phoenix logo example

Essence / Certification

University of Phoenix Seal

university of phoenix seal
university of phoenix seal example

Essence / Distinction

University of Phoenix Honors Program

university of phoenix honors program
university of phoenix honors program logo example

Essence / Moving forward

University of Phoenix, Phoenix Career Services

phoenix career services logo
phoenix career services logo example

Essence / Classic, timeless

Stanford University

stanford university logo
stanford university logo example

Essence / Strength Heart Clarity Vision

Senn Delaney

senn delaney logo
senn delaney logo example

Essence / Celebration

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford Grand Opening

lucile packard childrens hospital grand opening design system

Essence / Moonlight

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health Stanford

lucile packard foundation dinner 1
lucile packard foundation dinner 2

Essence / Tree of hearts

The Dinner, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health Stanford

lucile packard foundation for children's health, the dinner branding
lucile packard foundation for children's health, the dinner invitation

Essence / Kids win

Summer Scamper, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health Stanford

summer scamper logo
summer scamper logo example

Essence / Volunteer joining

Ambassadors for Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

lucile packard foundation ambassadors logo
lucile packard foundation ambassadors logo example

Essence / Gaming

Golden State Warriors Charity Poker Tournament

warriors charity poker logo
warriors charity poker logo

Essence / Taiwanese small farming

Fulagai Foundation

fulagai foundation logo
fulagai foundation logo example

Essence / Uplifting

Make-A-Wish Foundation

make-a-wish logo
make-a-wish logo example

Essence / Flight

Landmark Aviation

landmark aviation logo
landmark aviation logo example

Essence / Aerodynamic

Standard Aero

standard aero logo
standard aero logo example

Essence / Precision


chromalloy logo
chromalloy logo example

Essence / Crisp & tailored

US Airways

us airways logo
us airways logo example

Essence / Touch of red

NWA-Northwest Airlines

northwest airlines logo
northwest airlines logo

Essence / Nimble

TW Telecom

tw telecom logo
tw telecom logo example

Essence / Treasure

Tesoro Petroleum Retail and Refining

tesoro logo
tesoro logo example

Essence / Laser reliability


coherent logo
coherent logo example

Essence / Life + Technology

Life Technologies

life technologies style guide
life technologies sales sheets

Essence / Universal tool


linkbit logo
linkbit logo example

Essence / Airflow

Vortan Medical Technology

vortran logo
vortran logo example

Essence / Tree of life


cigna logo
cigna logo example

Essence / Ascending star

1996 Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

atlanta olympic logo
atlanta olympic logo example

Essence / Film color


technicolor logo
technicolor logo example

Essence / The red ball


cnet logo
cnet logo example

Essence / Award winning taste

chefsbest logo
chefsbest logo example

Essence / Wine cellarage


vintrust logo
vintrust logo example

Essence / Convergence

Financial Ideas Exchange

financial ideas exchange logo
financial ideas exchange logo

Essence / Gracious

Hamilton Hunter Business Park

hamilton hunter businesspark logo
hamilton hunter businesspark logo example

Essence / Craftsmanship

Tsaconas Construction

tsaconas logo
tsaconas logo