Informed, inspired design.

What determines the distinct look of your brand and brand communications? In our design practice it’s based on your marketing goals, positioning and the essential qualities and attributes you aspire to. Whether drawn from your brand strategy or uncovered organically by a thoughtful design process, your essence is the North Star that informs and inspires our creative work.

Jeanette Karthaus + Michael Collins

We’re a nimble, responsive and proactive brand design team that collaborates with internal marketing groups and external brand agencies & consultants. We bring enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and expertise to every engagement.

What we do best.

Brand audit + assessment
Brand identity + expression
Brand guidelines

Our process is transparent.

We show more than solutions—we show you how we arrive at them. Starting with broad creative exploration leading through carefully considered design refinement, we share with you the synthesis of our thinking to help inform your choices and decisions.




Identities we’ve designed.

We’ve worked with some notable brand agencies and accomplished creative directors & strategists as lead designers and independent design consultants. This sampling shows the range of our experience and we would be happy to share more of our work, relevant to your needs.


Work with us.